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Harry Crook



Harry Crook studied at Victoria University, Wellington and graduated with a Double Major in Film and Media Studies. During his time at Victoria University, he worked as a freelance videographer dealing with numerous  clients and working in various fields. During this time, Harry worked closely with Total Pursuit Director Tim Purchas creating promotional material for his various businesses and consulting on growth strategy. 


After graduating University in 2020, Harry moved to Auckland, where he worked as a sales assistant and media manager, developing his communication and marketing skills. 

In 2022, Harry moved back to Wellington, where he now works as Co-Director at Total Pursuit. Since coming on board, he has been instrumental in assisting the company's growth, building programmes and introducing additional Yoga and Fitness streams. With a strong focus on marketing strategy and execution, he brings his experience in media management and videography to develop multimedia marketing campaigns to promote the brand and its services. 


Harry looks forward to continuing to expand Total Pursuit and its services to provide its members with satisfying and enjoyable experiences and further promote better and healthier living. 

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