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Head Coach Marc Paulik leads the Total Tennis coaching staff by exemplifying one of the best professional tennis coaching careers NZ has on offer.


Coaching experience

  • 20 years experience.  

  • USPTA certified. 

  • Trained in coaching by Onny Parun - One of NZ's best players.

  • Trained by Ghebhard Ghritsh - Fitness Coach of Novak Djokovic

  • TNZ Performance Coach of the Year recipient. 

  • Tennis Central Performance Coach of the Year recipient. 

  • Tennis NZ Tour Coach. 

  • Tennis Central Rep Coach for 20 years. 

  • Coach of national champions in singles, doubles and teams events. 

  • Participation Manager at Hutt Valley Tennis (2019-2020). 

  • New Zealand Institute of Business Life Coaching certified. 

  • New Zealand School of Life Coaching certified Life Coach. 

  • Victoria University of Wellington 2022 graduate, BA History Major

  • Police Vetted


Playing Experience


  • Current Premier 1 title holder (Avalon TC 2021/22 season)

  • 14 time Premier 1 titles (all time record)

  • 7 Premier 1 player of the year recipient (all time record)

  • 27 seasons of Premier 1

  • Competed in internationally in 26 countries

  • NZ age group representative

  • 6 national titles/12 finals

  • Wellington Men's representative 1995 - 2015

  • NZ national squad member

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